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Viral Vox Marketing Logo

Viral Vox Marketing is a Marketing Company in New Bern, North Carolina that provides various marketing services to include: website design, logo design, company brand strategy, content creation and consulting services for marketing and for overall streamline of day to day business operations through the use of a strategically designed website.

Viral Vox has helped a number of business in New Bern and across the country get off the ground from a marketing stand point through the use of effective website design and digital marketing.

Scott Andrews Owner of Viral Vox Marketing in New Bern, NC
Marketing Company Meeting in New Bern, NC
New Bern, NC Marketing Company Meeting

Finding the right marketing company can be really difficult.  At Viral Vox Marketing, we try to make it an easy decision.  Viral Vox is a one stop shop for any and all marketing services.  Point blank we help businesses grow.  Whether you have a start-up company needing a simple logo or a well-established business looking for more growth and opportunity, Viral Vox Marketing can do it all.

Our Marketing Services Include:

Website Design

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Content Creation

Brand Development

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization

Print Services


Your marketing message should be specific and unique for your brand.  Here at Viral Vox, we pride ourselves with the attention of detail we give to each of our customers to ensure the right message is getting to the right audience on the right medium.

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